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What kind of tasks should you give to your Virtual Assistant?

One of the most common questions I get from clients is ‘What kind of tasks should I give to a Virtual Assistant?’ Sometimes it’s hard to figure out what to outsource to a VA. You might think of an administrator in the physical sense and that a lot of tasks cannot be done virtually.

Actually that couldn’t be further from the truth!

With today’s technology the need for a physical administrator is far less and small businesses, entrepreneurs and sole traders are using more Virtual Assistants as they see the benefits over a traditional office based PA.  (more about that in my FAQ’s here)

So what kind of tasks should you give to your Virtual Assistant?

Here is my list of the top 15 things I can do for you right now to save you time:

1. Respond to and sort your emails/manage your spam
2. Update your CRM system or research and create a CRM system for you
3. Create and send invitations to events
4. Manage your diary and calendar
5. Make appointments
6. Data entry – eg input new contacts and sort the information
7. Research – eg industry/competitors
8. Create template documents eg letters/invoices
9. Create policies eg Data Protection and Privacy Policies
10. Manage social media scheduling eg set up and use Hootsuite
11. Create newsletters and distribute by email or print and post
12. Content writing – eg press releases, blogs
13. Proofreading – eg website, blogs, adverts
14. Basic logo design
15. Basic website set up in wordpress

To get you started on your journey to feeling more organised why not start keeping a proper ‘To Do’ list?

Instead of writing everything on scraps of paper make a list – It really focuses the mind and it’s great to see tasks being ticked off each day.