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When is the best time to post on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn?


When you post on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn is most certainly effected by the audience you are trying to put yourself in front of. You need to think about when those users will be online. Are you B2B or B2C? Or both? When are your competitors posting? If using scheduled posts they will undoubtedly be posting at set times each day so do your research and set your posts to appear 15 mins before they do.

According to Hootsuite data based on over 400 million posts, their findings showed that posts that appeared between the following times had the best clickthrough rate:

Instagram: 12pm to 1pm
Facebook: 12pm to 3pm Monday to Friday and 12pm to 1pm on Weekends
Twitter: 3pm Monday to Friday for B2B – before 9am and after 5pm for B2C
LinkedIn: Monday to Thursday 7.45am, 10.45am, 12.45am, 5.45am (as most brands post on the hour on Linked In)

The advice above is a general overview and all businesses are different so make sure you do your own research. Try posting on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn at different times and see what difference it makes to your clickthrough rate.

More Information

For more information the full post from Hootsuite is here

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