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What should you put on your business card?

Your business card is your first impression and we all know first impressions count right? So make it a good one, put some thought into and it will pay you back! (Sam inserts disclaimer here!)

It’s a question a lot of new business owners ask and the answer very much depends on you and your business.

So lets explore the options and I’ll help you figure out what you should put on your business card.


Yep, pretty obvious right. Put your name on it. But think about your name for just a second.

If your full name is Samantha but you prefer to be called Sam, don’t put Samantha on your cards. Why? You don’t want to stop and say to everyone new you meet “but it’s okay, you can call me Sam”. So use the name you are known by.

Avoid middle names. Your prospective clients just don’t need to know and it looks kind of odd!

Job Title

If you don’t put a job title on your business card how is someone going to know what you do?

You might think it’s obvious you are photographer, because you have “photography services” emblazoned across the front of your business card. But are you the photographer, the editor, the business development manager, the office manager, or all of the above? Whether you are a sole trader or manage a team, describe what it is you do.

Why not get creative? How memorable is ‘Money Maestro’ for an Accountant, or ‘Wizard of Light Bulb Moments’ for a Marketing professional? Yes I shamelessly stole them from the internet. But you won’t be forgotten. Ask your local networking group or friends and family for their input and see what quirky ideas you can come up with.


This is something you need to have ready to go.

You can either splash out and get one designed or there are other online places you can go like fiverr  where you can choose your budget.  If you are really up for it and strapped for cash you can design your own in Canva or Gravit. But I would strongly suggest you push your budget on your logo to as much as you can afford if it’s not something you are experienced with.

Your logo is your brand and your identity so it needs some thought and creative input.

When it comes to placing it on your business card, whatever you do with it don’t put it in a tiny little box in the corner where no one can see it. If you want to keep it simple, enlarge it to fit one side of your card and put your details on the reverse.


This might sound obvious, but you need to ditch that Gmail or Hotmail address. If you aren’t tech savy you might not know how to get an email address that matches your website domain.

Generally you pay a fee to your domain provider to set up a mailbox.

There are however other ways. I set up my email through Zoho and I pay less than £3.00 a month for my mailbox. In my website WordPress settings there is an option to add the Zoho settings so that all of the dots are connected and hey presto it all works seamlessly.

Telephone Number

Do you have a mobile number or an office phone? It’s not a great idea to put your home phone on your business card if there is a chance your 2 year old might pick up. I have a 9 year old and he would have a field day with my clients!

If you don’t want your personal mobile on your business card, then buy a sim card from somewhere like the Carphone Warehouse. For less than £5 a month on their own network called ID, you get a decent amount of minutes and texts. And as the network piggy backs the O2 network it’s pretty decent coverage. (other retailers are available!)

Bet you have a few old phones laying around? So long as they are unlocked you simply pop your sim card in and away you go.  Not sure how to unlock your phone? Check out this link on Wikipedia.


You need a website.

Even if it’s just a few pages of further information. There are lots of different website providers with easy to set up templates. You can buy your domain at the same time which saves you buying it elsewhere and then having to map it to your website. I recommend and use WordPress but have a look around online and see what you like. I do have a ‘How to’ WordPress video coming up soon so subscribe to my blog so you don’t miss it!

Another great tip is that instead of having your website URL listed on your business card like everyone else, you could try setting up a dedicated landing page or add your Blog instead.  Make the URL intriguing, something people will want to investigate like http://www.asksamva/readme or

You could then add content specifically designed for the people who contact you through that link. Discounts, offers or a welcome page – make it as different as you like.

Social Media

If you only have two or three social media accounts then two or three URL’s are acceptable on your business card without it getting too messy. Anything over this I would recommend only using the social media logos.

To keep it clean make the logos white, or transparent if you have a colour background. Have a look and see if you can edit the URL’s on your social media. Most you can without too much of a problem, but YouTube for example have recently changed their URL policy so that now, you can only change it once you have hit 100 subscribers! Thank you YouTube.

Be Creative – if you like

Put QR codes on your cards linking to competitions or offers. Square, round, lasercut, folded, bottle openers, origami – it does come down to budget, but have a look around. Scour Pinterest and Instagram. Take notes. Take copies of what you like and create a mood board. It will help you narrow down your look and help your designer if you hire one.

What next?

  • Subscribe to my blog so you don’t miss out on my tutorials or tips of course!
  • Let me know if you find this useful or learn anything new? Or not!
  • If you design a new card I would love to see it.
  • Just like everyone else I’ve had a budget to stick to but now I’m ready for change so I’m off to refresh my card – wish me luck I’ll let you know how it turns out!

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