I’m super busy and I need help but I don’t know where to start?

All new clients receive an initial 30 minutes free consultation call to discuss their work and their business needs.  During the call I will be able to ascertain where you need help and I can advise on the right package suited to your needs and budget.

If you are still unsure a good tip I give clients is to write down, each day for a week, every task you carry out.  It’s quite an eye opener!  From your list tick off the things you would feel comfortable giving to someone else to do.

It does feel odd to begin with and that’s completely natural.  It’s your business after all, you have worked hard to get where you are, and you may feel like you are letting go.  But it’s important to remember that I am working WITH you.  Your business is important to me too and is in very safe and capable hands.

How do you work out how long you have spent on my business?

I have a time recording system to keep track of the specific tasks I am working on for you. The clock stops if the phone goes or if I leave my desk to make a cup of tea! Time recorded is for working on your business with you, and for you only.

I also provide a breakdown to you of time spent at the end of each month.  If any of your time is unused it rolls over into the next month. After that it is lost but if your package needs adjusting up or down we can do that too.  I do advise that calls regarding work are kept brief and informative so as not to eat too much into your hours.  Some clients prefer to email.

Clients on the VIP package  do receive a free 30 minute consultation every month.

Why is your hourly rate higher than I would pay an employee?

There are a range of benefits of employing a Virtual Assistant. Being self employed I do have to factor into my hourly rate things like insurance, equipment and taxes.  I am not an Office Junior I have Executive level experience.  I also work smartly and efficiently to ensure you receive the best service possible and I keep my overheads to a minimum by working from my home office.

Just some other great reasons as to why you should use me!

• I am an experienced professional with senior level office experience.
• I have Professional Indemnity Insurance and I am registered with the ICO under the Data Protection Act.
• I do not charge for my refreshment breaks or any other breaks as you may do an employee.
• You do not have the cost of providing me with a computer, workspace, software, rates and utilities or refreshments – I have that covered!
• You do not have the cost of administering me onto a payroll system, employee pension contributions or national insurance contributions.
•You do not have to pay for me to take a holiday! With an employee you would usually pay around 4 weeks full time holiday pay plus bank holidays.
• You do not have to pay for my ongoing training – I invest my own time and money to keep my knowledge up to date.
• You do not have the health and safety obligations that come with having an employee.
• You don’t have the other legal statutory obligations that come with having an employee such as parental leave and maternity leave.

You free up your valuable time to do what you do best, which is to run and grow your business and do the things that you ENJOY!

I could do some of those jobs myself?

You absolutely can and my purpose is not to assist you unnecessarily if you already have the time or if you can’t afford it right now. But if you find things are piling up, your staff are feeling overloaded, or there are projects you want to carry out but you just don’t know where to start, then I can lift the burden to help you get those precious hours back and get the job done.